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  • Epsilon Informatics


Epsilon Informatics, being aware of the special needs of the insurance market,  offers a complete product for the proper computerization and operation of an insurance office-agency.

Some of the features provided by EPSILON-INSURANCE are:

  • Automation in filling in the essential forms 

An insurance office has to manage the filling in and submission of various forms and documents (needs application form, information  forms, proposal forms, cancellation application forms etc.). With  Epsilon-Insurance this management can become an automatic and easy procedure. 

  • Automation in financial traders management

Organized digital business cards with financial data, contact details and other important information that the user might want to add. 

  • Automation in financial controls 

Automatic calculations of the traders’ outstanding balances and other financial data (outstanding balances, financial transactions, trading  etc.)

  • Electronic Archiving

Electronic archiving and capability of automated search of all the files and forms of the insurance office.

  • Connection with Telephony Center 

Capability of connection of the telephony center with customer’s card.

  • SMS Notification Messages

Capability of mass SMS alerts & notifications to customers (or other trading parties) on their mobile phones (for example to inform the customer about termination of contracts depending on their termination date). 

  • Bridging Corporate 

Bridging corporates  for automatic contract registration. 

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